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L/Cpl Robert Fisher, 3PARA, is running the New York City Marathon in November for The Parachute Regiment Charity. He runs as part of the 3PARA Gym team with SSgt Gavin Kirk and Pte David Ashton.

3PARA Gym Team: Rob, Gavin, David

The last marathon Rob ran was while serving in Afghanistan in March. Wearing body armour and carrying a General Purpose machine Gun (GPMG), he ran 26 times round his base at Shahzad in temperatures over 40° C. It took him seven hours.

L/Cpl Fisher, 40, from Chorley, said “I try to do a marathon every year for charity,” he said. “I like to put my fitness to good use. This year I am proud to be running for the charity that supports our own Parachute Regiment.

We will be doing the New York Marathon, not for ourselves but as guides for two soldiers who have both been injured in Afghanistan. One is from The Parachute Regiment and the other from the Rifles. ”

Crown Copryright Alison Baskerville RLC

“Afghanistan was one of the hardest things I’ve done,” he admitted. “The marathons I’ve done in the past carrying weight have been tough, but this was a lot harder.

New York is a great city and the weather will be a lot cooler! My time will be much quicker –no GPMG or body armour this time, just boots and bergen.”

When he’s not running marathons, Lance Corporal Fisher serves as a Physical Training Instructor (PTI), making sure his fellow soldiers stay fit.

Donations to support Rob, Gavin, David and The Parachute Regiment Charity can be made at

The team waitng for the start

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